Siobhan McHugh
Siobhan McHugh is writer/producer of many radio social history documentaries including
11 & 18 OCTOBER 2009

This powerful and revealing radio series, written and produced by Siobhan McHugh with original music by Melbourne composer Thomas Fitzgerald, explores the religious bigotry and post-colonial tensions between English (Protestants) and Irish (Catholics) still prevalent in Australia only two generations ago.
Based on three years research and over fifty oral history interviews, the series explores the family feuds occasioned by Protestant/Catholic mixed marriage and the virtual social apartheid that at times resulted from systemic discrimination against the Irish Catholic underclass until the 1960s. The series also contests the use of the misleading term 'Anglo-Celtic Australia' to denote non-indigenous Australia prior to the mass immigration that followed the Second World War.

Siobhan McHugh & Thomas Fitzgerald And the Music Caught Fire:
                  The Rebirth of Irish Music

Two programs 'The Awakening' and 'The Roaring Tiger', exploring the renaissance of Irish Music presented by Dr Thomas Fitzgerald and Siobhan McHugh
"Into the Music", ABC Radio National
The Irish at Eureka - Rebels or Riff-Raff?
The Eureka Flag Shortlisted for NSW Premier's History Awards 2004
Explores the role the Irish played in this turning-point in Australian history, through oral histories of the miners' descendants.
Hindsight ABC Radio National April 2003
Pat Dodson : photograph Mayu Kanamori Reconciliation: From Broome to Belfast
Finalist United Nations Media Peace Prize 2002
Pat Dodson and Belfast Catholics and Protestants explore the nature of prejudice.

Encounter ABC Radio National 2002

The Famine Ship memorial Out of Their Feeling
Radio Documentary
Hindsight, ABC Radio National, 2001
RTE Radio, Ireland
Siobhan at John Behan's bronze memorial in County Mayo to those who died in the great famine of 1845-49. The 'sails' are all skeletons. 4,000 Irish orphan girls aged 14-18 came to Australia after the Famine - these girls were the subject of Out of their Feeling.
Beagle Bay: Irish nuns and Stolen Children
Finalist, Walkley award
A documentary on the complex relationship between religious sisters in a remote community and their Aboriginal charges.
ABC Radio National, 2000 >>
Siobhan's documentary was showcased as part of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Bringing Them Home report on the Stolen Generations. The program includes a taste of the powerful music from Bran Nu Dae, the 1990 hit musical written by Jimmy Chi {Wiki entry}, who was also taught by the John of God nuns.
The Snowy, The People behind the Power (series)
The people who built the Snowy Mountains scheme - when it aired in 1987, said to be the first time 'ethnic' voices outnumbered Australian or English voices on the ABC.
'a saga of a series about an epoch-making project' - Barry Hill, The Age
Minefields and Miniskirts (series)
Shortlisted, Women and Media Award
Australian women veterans of the Vietnam War.
Walking on Eggshells
About the burden women bear living with war-traumatised men.
Broken Hill, The Seventh State (series)
One hundred years of this unique mining community.
'A pungent piece of social history that avoids many stereotypes' - Barry Hill, The Age
Palm Island, A Punishment Place (series)
History of the incarceration of Aborigines on what is claimed as the most violent place on earth
Water, More Precious Than Gold (series)
History of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area since 1912, and its Italian settlers.
'A marvellous excursion... McHugh has a real feeling for country people, and it seems, our country.' Barry Hill, The Age
Huts to Highrise (series)
History of tourism and development on the Great Barrier Reef.
The Irish in Australia, Past and Present (series)
'These programs are an important event. Everyone, from the Pope down, should listen to them' - Barry Hill, The Age.
Estate of Mind
Radio Eye about benign vigilantism on a troubled Sydney housing estate