Siobhan McHugh
Film / Television
The Irish Empire
Co-writer, TV documentary series tracing the Irish diaspora
An Irish Australian co-production for the BBC, RTE Ireland and SBS
Produced by Hilton Cordell Productions
Australia. 1999
The Snowy - a dream of growing up
Associate producer of a documentary based on my book, The Snowy -The People behind the Power
ABC 1989
The Irish in Australia
Echo of a Distant Drum
One in three Australians has Irish origins - and this is reflected in the national character. The humour, the sense of self mockery; ideals of fair play, the dislike of pomp and bombast; the celebration of noble failure, are all characteristics both Irish and Australian
ABC 1988
'Enthralling', Mike Harris, The Bulletin
The Irish in Australia
Besieged - The Ned Kelly Story
An Australian/Irish International Co-Production