Siobhan McHugh
Social History / Non-fiction
Shelter from the Storm
An anthology of oral histories of past and present public housing tenants in New South Wales
Due to demand, my (out of print) book is now available to download online through
'exploding the stereotypes of people in social housing'. Sydney Morning Herald
Allen & Unwin ebook edition 2007
Allen & Unwin 1999
Shelter from the Storm
The Snowy -The People behind the Power
Winner, NSW Premier's Douglas Stewart Award for Non-Fiction, 1990
History of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. An account about the multinational workforce that built the huge Snowy hydro-electric scheme in postwar Australia
Heinemann 1989
Harper Collins 1995
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Minefields and Miniskirts
Australian Women & the Vietnam War
Doubleday 1993 & Lothian 2005
'Living breathing history - history at its best', Candida Baker, The Age
'McHugh tells their stories without judgement and with such compassion that nothing is withheld. The result is as shocking as it is informing.' Sydney Morning Herald
Minefields and Miniskirts
Cottoning On
Stories of Australian cotton-growing

Shortlisted for the NSW Premier's History prize 1997
Hale & Iremonger 1996
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Nick Scali: My Story - as told to Siobhan McHugh May 2003
My Story: Snowy - The Diary of Eva Fischer
A classic migrant's rags-to-riches tale based on 150,000 words and 20 hours of interviews .
ISBN 0-9750126-0-6
Jayenne Press 2003
Fiction / Children"s Literature
My Story: Snowy - The Diary of Eva Fischer
A year in the life of a feisty eleven year-old-girl growing up in Cabramurra in the fifties as the Snowy Mountains Scheme transforms the social and physical landscape

Scholastic Press 2003

Usually I just skip through books but since I read the first two pages of Snowy, it seems that I've gotten addicted to it. Thank you for showing me that there are some books that are not boring.
From Taiya, Victoria
My Story: Snowy - The Diary of Eva Fischer
Wee Girls
Women Writing from an Irish Perspective
Siobhan age 8Siobhan contributed a short memoir about growing up in Ireland to this anthology.
Memoir, 'Power Cuts
Spinifex, 1996
''Told with great clarity and's a cliche to say a book is worth buying for a particular story but in McHugh's case it is true.' - Canberra Times
Wee Girls
Many Voices
Reflections on experiences of Indigenous child separation
Ed Anna Haebich & Doreen Mellor
Writer, section on The Carers
National Library of Australia, 2002
Asimov's Elephant Anthology of ABC Ockham's Razor
Edited by Robyn Williams
A collection of Ockham's Razor broadcasts from the ABC Science Unit, including my own on cotton and pesticides.
ABC books 2003